Artist Caitlin Shepherd will talk about her recent projects Discord (2016) and Home (2017), two listening projects concerned with exploring ethnographies of home from different social-economic backgrounds. Home as the site of self, identity, family and the significance of the everyday, but also home as a product of systemic and political lack. Her work explores stories of the have and the have nots, and takes an interest in personal stories of different people on the subject and significance of home. In her practice, the process is as important as the outcome, and Caitlin has spent time over the past two years, as part of her PhD, interviewing and speaking with a number of people in their own homes, about housing, affordability, the meaning of home and the lived stories that constitute home. Her work examines home as more than a capital asset, and looks at the stories of the everyday playing out at home. Through presenting everyday stories of home and housing with a recent focus on those living in social housing, Caitlin seeks to re-enage audiences with taking political action on the erosion of affordable social housing.  The talk will involve listening snippets taken from both works, clips of films and a discussion about how she produces her work.