Granby 4 Streets is a Community Land Trust based in Liverpool. It was established in 2012 with the aim of putting residents in control of their community, rather than having demolitions, neglect and unhelpful regeneration imposed upon them from outside and follow 20 years of campaigning by Granby Residents Association. The Community Land Trust now works in collaboration with Design and Architecture collective, Assemble. Together, they have redesigned and renovated empty homes in the community - preventing them from being demolished. They have also secured a number of shops and set up Granby Workshop, which makes interior products using experimental manufacturing processes, some of which make use of construction waste from the demolitions. 

In 2015 Assemble and Granby 4 Streets hit national news when they won the Turner prize. It was the first time a collective had won the prestigious prize, and the first time it had been won by an architectural project. 

We will be joined at Small Is Beautiful 2017 by Hazel Tilley (Granby 4 Streets) and Fran Edgerley (Assemble) to discuss their groundbreaking collaboration.