We're delighted that Hazel Tilley and Fran Edgerley will be joining us to discuss their Turner-prize winning collaboration on community-led affordable housing retrofit and community building project in Liverpool, Granby 4 Streets.

Hazel Tilley (pictured right) lives on Cairns Street, which is part of the Granby 4 Streets community in Liverpool. Hazel is a founding member of the Granby Residents Association which was established 25 years ago, and became the Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust five years ago. 

Granby 4 Streets has worked in partnership with Assemble to reimagine and renovate empty homes in the community - work which won the 2015 Turner prize. The Granby 4 Streets Community and Trust continues to rebuild, garden in the streets and transform the neighbourhood into a beautiful place to live.


Fran Edgerley (pictured left) is a founding member of the architecture collective Assemble, who collaborated on the Granby 4 Streets project. As a member of the collective Assemble, Fran has worked on a number of design and build projects and the creation of new organisations that are designed to support people to affect change in their environments. For the past two years she has been working in the Granby area to develop Granby Workshop, a new business that has grown out of the community-led rebuilding of the neighbourhood. Assemble is working with the CLT and residents to explore how different projects can be brought together in a variety of formats to create new forms of cooperation, to build a community that is connected and has agency.