Three Legg’d Mare are an Aberystwyth band who were brought together in 2014 by a common interest in the traditional songs and tunes of Wales, England and far beyond, and the social history and folklore that lies behind them. Their lively and sensitive interpretations of old songs of madness, love, death, adventure and everyday life (and some original compositions) are earning them a growing following throughout Wales and the borders, with close vocal harmonies and instruments including Appalachian dulcimer, fiddle, bouzouki, guitar, mandolin, whistles, concertina, harmonica and bodhrán.

‘Canny trio from Aberystwyth who understand trad sources be they Welsh or English and give a different spin to the very familiar. They’ve a dulcimer and they’re not scared to use it! Unusual arrangements, atypical instrumental accompaniments mean that songs that you might believe are common currency prove surprising winners in the rise again stakes. You’ll like this y’hear? A winner.’ - fRoots Magazine