This panel will be looking at empowering solutions and creative alternatives to our housing situation: from co-ops to co-housing and alternative finance to the new 'One planet affordable living' project - the solutions are out there! This will be an unmissable overview of creative alternatives to the current housing system.

  • Facilitator - Chris Coates: Chris is Editor of Diggers & Dreamers, the UK guide to communal living. Vice-chair of the International Communal Studies Association. Founder member Forgebank Cohousing in Lancaster and board member of the UK Cohousing Network. Author; Utopia Britannica and Communes Britannica.
  • Andy Edwards, also Transition by design/One Planet Affordable Living: Andy Edwards Andy is co-founder of the design and architecture collective Transition by Design (T/D). Andy will be talking about the “One Planet Affordable Living” project that Transition by Design have been developing with environmental charity BioRegional.
  • Nadhira Halim, Transition by Design/House of the Commons: Nadhira is a member of architecture and design collective, Transition by Design. She co-ordinated House of the Commons 2016, a platform for events exploring creative solutions to the housing crisis, which has led to her involvement in the formation of Oxford Fairer Housing Network.
  • Laura Smith: Lilac, Low Impact Affordable Community, an award winning strawbale housing co-housing community in Leeds ( 8yrs ago Lilac became the first Mutual Home Ownership Society - an innovative tenure model for improving affordability of homes in perpetuity. Laura will explore the contribution which community led co-housing and the MHOS model can make to improving housing justice.
  • Tom Wragg, member of Federici Housing Co-operative, part of Radical Routes. Tom has been involved with co-operative housing since he was a student organising with People & Planet and the National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts. Tom was a co-founder of Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative as well as Students for Co-operation - a group which is seeking to found a National Body of Student Housing Co-operatives.

Photo: Andy Lord