Access to housing, basic infrastructure like sanitation systems and other technology is not equally shared around the world. In this discussion, our panellists will share their experiences of what can be done about it.

  • Convenor: Louise Halestrap, Louise is a Senior Lecturer at CAT's Graduate School of the Environment and author of numerous books and publications on ecological water and waste treatment.
  • Noémie de La Brosse, Consultant at Practical Action. Noémie will be speaking about Practical Action's solutions-focussed projects to improve housing justice, including a long-term project aiming to improve the flood resilience of informal housing in Peru -- the importance of which was highlighted by this year's devastating floods.
  • Lizzie Wynn, CAT graduate school student and founder of a project shedding light on the unjust situations facing salad workers in Almeria, Spain, many of whom are refugees or migrant workers and living in appalling conditions. Lizzie will share her research and the inspiring community building work she has been co-ordinating with the workers.
  • Jamie Richardson. Jamie has 20 years experience in the humanitarian sector and is currently working as a Shelter and Settlements technical advisor in the Humanitarian Response Department (HRD) of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), a member of the Caritas network, working with conflict affectedcommunities in the middle east, central Africa, Ukraine, and other countries and regions.  Prior to CRS, Jamie worked mainly for the Red Cross and was managing director of a design and build company in mid wales. He worked at CAT during the 1990’s, which included helping build the bookshop! This video provides an overview of shelter work by CRS:
  • Oliver Kynaston, Simgas. Oliver has been working in the domestic energy sector in East Africa since 2010. In part after attending the Small Is Festival in 2009 Oliver was inspired to set up a company to provide affordable and appropriate renewable energy technologies to rural households in Tanzania and Kenya. He has worked on domestic bioenergy and household solar and is currently the COO of Simgas, East Africa's biggest supplier of domestic biodigester products.

Photo by Practical Action: