Straw is an incredible building material - it's super eco-friendly, and makes really well insulated homes that are warm, quiet, and can be very affordable. It's also great fun to work with! 

You'll get an excellent introduction into the practical side of baling by helping to build a straw bale wall, and you'll also get plenty of advice and tips on how to get the most out of this fantastic material and how you can use other natural materials (like clay, lime and timber) to make a really beautiful and effective building. Chris and the professional team from Hawkland will be available after the sessions to answer any questions you've got about straw and other natural materials.

This hands on workshop is led by Chris Hawker, teacher at CAT and co-director of Hawkland Ecological Construction. Chris has worked on and managed many straw bale building projects in the UK and Ireland, and is one of the most experienced straw bale builders and trainers in the UK. 

See photos of straw building workshops at CAT