Festival No.6

No.6 academy lineup

Situated less than an hour from CAT, festival no.6 is a multi arts event set in and around the stunningly beautiful, and rather quirky, village of Port Merion.

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This year Small is Beautiful will be appearing at festival no.6 in the inaugural year of the no.6 academy, taking place in the beautiful Port Merion town hall.

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On the Small is Beautiful for Festival no.6 will be:

Panel Discussion… 

Enough on our plate? Exploring the future of the food in the UK

This debate will bring together a panel including voices from food production, retail and policy to explore multiple perspectives on how the food system is changing in the UK, what the priorities are for further change, and how these priorities could translate into action.

With demand for food banks rising, and mounds of food routinely wasted, is enough being done to reconfigure the food system in the UK?

 The discussion will with the form of a three course meal:

  • Starter: sharing and celebrating stories of success and transformation in the food system.
  • Main course: what are the barriers to achieving change?
  • Dessert: panel members reframe the stated problems and suggest alternative ways of overcoming barriers.


Dr. Ruth Stevenson

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Ruth’s experiences over the years have inspired her to consider what ‘energy’ really means to us and the role of renewable energy technologies as our redeemer from climate change.

She will ask you to consider how the story lines we weave around climate change and energy affect our responses to one of the greatest threats to the planet.

As we take new journeys, perhaps to more ‘energetic societies’, are we taking the old story lines and discourses with us?

What new story lines can we propose, to ensure planetary and community resilience?

Aubrey Meyer

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Come to where the two rivers meet

In 1989 Aubrey put brackets round his career in music to campaign on climate change.

This led to what became one of the most widely cited and supported international response formats to climate change, the ‘Climate Truth & Reconciliation’ of ‘Contraction and Convergence’.

People sometimes ask, but what has music got to do with climate change? With some fundamental analysis, with some live music, heart-touching emotion and hard-headed politics, this presentation is about a journey that has sought to answer to that question with Nature’s Smallest and Most Beautiful Secret.

Tickets for the event can be bought here

If you are going to be at Festival No.6, make sure you come and say hello!