The Small is... Festival is on for 2014!

We are delighted to announce that a new and improved version of the festival will be taking place...

...on 13th and 14th September at the stunning St George's Concert Hall in Central BRISTOL!

Our website is currently under construction but we are working to put together an exciting programme to include Schumacher Lectures, practical workshops, hard-hitting debates, world music and cutting-edge films.


About Small Is

Small Is... Festival is a celebration of arts and appropriate technology, based on Schumacher's 'Small Is Beautiful'. Combining practical workshops and inspiring talks with an innovative artistic program, we will present an interactive two day festival in St. George's concert hall on Park Street in Bristol. The event will explore the role of technology in sustainable development around the world, using the arts as a tool to attract a diverse audience to engage with leading minds from the spheres of engineering, sustainability and social change.
Key partner organisations will share and learn with experts, students, artists and the public, catalysing global change.